Details : The idea of Sharing the tabs with "Friendship".

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Because I really love my works on arranging Ragtime, I'd like to treat them carefully although they would have some value to buy or not. However, I don't want that someone could use them only for heartless commercialism WITHOUT ANY LOVE FOR RAGTIME. And if you love to play Ragtime, I'd like you to share them with a few consideration in which there includes the prohibit of unauthorized re-uses. Besides, if I just know that someone may hope to play my arranges, I could keep on my work continue... for this "Friendship"!

To realize this small hope, I utilize the idea of "Shareware" into the distribution of music sheet. This may also depend that I'd like to look myself as a "Musician" rather than a "Merchant".

Procedural Guide for share with purchase.


  • For any contact, mail me using the address of the page "CONTACT", please. Your mail address also help to use "PayPal payment system with E-mail", even if you have an account or NOT.
  • This PayPal system will be secured and easier than other ways, however, because I'm not a professional merchant on web system, it will be better to communicate well before the exchange.
  • Of course you can share & enjoy FREE download sheet without payment, however, all copyrights are reserved... Thanks.

Sale by sheet

  • Price is $2 or 2 Euro per 1 sheet. You can select each money as you like.
  • Of course it's possible to order some of them and to pay at a time.
  • Write me the title of tune for order possible. Then I reply you for the payment by PayPal.
  • AFTER your payment confirmed, I send you the tab by E-mail (attached)... Thank You!

Friendship... to enjoy ANYTIME!

  • This system of "Friendship" allows you to access to the "List for downloading tabs"... Anytime and Anywhere! You can download any tab you like which is ready in PDF.
  • This cost you $10 or 10 Euro, including free-pass from now on. However, I cannot let each of you know about the latest renewal of the list, nor confirm its eternal existence for so far future. So, I call this Not "Membership" nor "Right", but just simply "Friendship"... ;-)
  • I hope you will check the top page of my site, where will be informed the latest renewal, and get and keep the tab renewed for yourself. Besides, you can also send me a request for coordinating an unprepared tab into the PDF format to be ready for download, what will make me encourage to keep on my life work - KAIZEN with revision... or rush myself?!
  • Write me if you'd like to make this choice, then I reply you for the payment by PayPal.
  • AFTER your payment confirmed, I send you the access key and URL to the list by E-mail... Thank You!

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