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I hope you enjoy all contents - however, if you have some question or interest, contact me with E-MAIL, please.

How to contact?

Mail Address


Use the right address to E-mail, please. It's just an image picture, so you cannot copy the letters... ;-)

Examples or FAQ (imaginary)

I hope these will be helpful for your contact... with some jokes ;-)

  • Q : Do you have a free download of tablatures?
  • A : Samples are available; on Top page, and the banner "Get FREE Tabs" on the right will be useful ;-)
  • Q : How can I get the complete sheet of my favorite "Maple Leaf"?
  • A : In two ways you can; see Tabs Available - however, will be better "Friendship" system.
  • Q : I cannot play some part in your tab. Can you teach me how to play that?
  • A : Maybe I can do - by writing with photos and videos, or directly through Skype... if possible.
  • Q : I want to play your arrange, but too difficult... Help Me!
  • A : You could re-arrange some part by making it simple, or write me your request... I would try ;-)
  • Q : Are you planning to do LIVE performance somewhere?
  • A : If possible - while still regarding myself as "a player in jail cell".

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For my poor English, please write me in simple English.
Se pede escribir en espanol tambien, pero necesita muy BREVEMENTE!
Japaese is very welcomed, if possible... ;-)

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